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Jasper AI

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Copywriting Marketing

Jasper is designed to be your on-brand AI content creator. It learns from your brand to help you maintain a consistent tone of voice across...



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Avatar Generative Video

HeyGen is an innovative AI-powered platform that streamlines the video creation process. It allows users to create engaging videos up to 10...


Play HT

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Audio Text-To-Speech

Play HT is a revolutionary AI-powered platform that excels in converting text into lifelike speech. This tool is a game-changer for content...

Recraft AI

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Generative Art Web Design

Recraft is a generative AI-powered design tool that allows users to create and edit vector art, icons, 3D images, and illustrations in a wid...


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Design Marketing

Looka is an online platform that offers logo design and brand identity services for entrepreneurs. Looka uses the power of Artificial Intel...

Rhetor AI

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RhetorAI is a platform that offers conversational user surveys powered by AI. Its main purpose is to automate user interviews, providing a...


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Reword is an AI-powered writing tool that helps users create outstanding articles for their audience. It offers an AI-assisted editor that...


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Code Creation

GitFluence is an AI-driven web application designed to assist users in quickly finding the right Git commands. The tool aims to simplify the...


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Code Creation

Safurai is an AI Code Assistant that aims to enhance developers' productivity by saving time in code editing, optimization, and searching.


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Code Creation No-Code

MarsX is a cutting-edge development tool that brings together AI, NoCode, Code, and MicroApps to revolutionize software development.


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Code Creation

Replit is a collaborative browser-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows users to write and run code in over 50 programm...


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Code Creation

Codeium is a free AI-powered toolkit designed to enhance coding productivity and efficiency for developers. It offers a range of features,...

Beautiful AI

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Add to Favorites is a presentation software designed to help teams create stunning and impactful presentations quickly and easi...

Tome AI

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Tome is a cutting-edge web application designed to revolutionize the way people express and share their ideas. It employs AI technology to...


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Web Design Presentation

Gamma is a web-based application that offers a novel approach to presenting ideas. You can easily create presentation, document or webpage w...