• 🌐 SaveDay is an AI Bookmark Manager and Web Highlight tool.

    - 🖼️ It allows users to save various internet content such as images, YouTube videos, PDF files, tweets, or podcasts effortlessly.

    - 🔍 Users can search for saved content using criteria like color, brand, keyword, date, or any memorable words in any language.

    - 📝 SaveDay can instantly summarize lengthy content and provide main ideas, with the option to share them using stunning templates.

    - 🤖 SaveDay offers a Telegram Bot, Chrome Extension, and Edge Add-on for easy accessibility.

    - 📅 Users can set reminders for saved items, manage all bookmarks in one place, and share highlights on social media.

    - 🎓 SaveDay is suitable for everyone, including students, content creators, designers, business owners, and researchers.

    - 🆓 SaveDay is free to use with no credit card required.

    - ❓ FAQs address privacy, accessing content from multiple devices, fees, and differentiate SaveDay from other note-taking solutions.

    - 📚 SaveDay aims to help users save knowledge from multiple sources and quickly summarize it into easily consumable information.

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