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Vestinda is a trading and investing automation platform that simplifies automated trading, offering pre-built strategies, a no-code platform, and security features, catering to both beginners and experienced traders.

Platform Overview:
  - Vestinda is an automation platform for trading and investing.
  - Emphasizes community trading and tailors to traders of all levels.

  - Pre-built strategies cover Forex, Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Commodities, Crypto, and more.
  - No need to search the internet for strategies; top traders share successful strategies on the platform.
  - Automation capabilities for both proprietary and professional strategies.

No-Code Platform:
  - Vestinda eliminates the need for coding, making it user-friendly.
  - Traders can implement custom strategies and indicators without writing code.

Security Measures:
  - Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for enhanced security.
  - Sensitive data encryption at rest and in transit.
  - API Whitelisting for Exchange secret keys, ensuring secure transactions.
  - No withdrawal permission required, focusing on read and trading permissions.
  - User information is GDPR compliant and securely handled.

Blog Section:
  - Regularly updated blog with articles covering various trading topics and interviews.
  - Recent posts on social trading, algorithmic trading, dividend investing, and forex trading strategies.

Community and Affiliate Program:
  - Traders can access a practice hub to try various strategies.
  - Trading leaders can earn recurring commissions by referring customers and selling their strategies.

Contact Information:
  - Vestinda is based in Bucharest, Romania, operating as a software company.
  - Contact email: [email protected].

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