Paid Crypto

  • 💰 Arbitrage Scanner offers real-time notifications on cryptocurrency price differences across 25 exchanges and DEX, supporting 30K+ coins and 10 blockchains.

    - 📈 Different subscription plans (One Month, Business, Platinum, Enterprise) provide varying features like access to web versions, Telegram channels, exchange support, and more, with discounted prices.

    - 🤖 The service includes an Arbitrage Scanner and Screener for identifying profitable pairs, personalized cloud-based bot setup, and guidance for beginners.

    - 🕵️‍♂️ Wallet analysis tools allow comprehensive analysis of blockchain data, tracking wallet activities, and finding similar wallets through AI-based searches.

    - 🔍 Mass wallet search functionality lets users filter wallets based on criteria like recent growth, specific blockchains, or transaction volume thresholds.

    - 🔄 The bot operates manually in the cloud, ensuring the safety of funds, and offers a private chat for clients, although it doesn't involve automatic trading.

    - 🌐 The Arbitrage Scanner supports connections between various exchanges, including DEX, and provides guidance for connecting different types of exchanges.

    - 🚀 An affiliate program with generous commissions is available, and the service offers a free trial day to explore its features.

    - 📊 The platform emphasizes user education, with training materials, ready-to-use cases, and strategies provided, and it does not provide financial recommendations or handle users' money.

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