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Jasper AI

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Copywriting Marketing

Jasper is designed to be your on-brand AI content creator. It learns from your brand to help you maintain a consistent tone of voice across...



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Avatar Generative Video

HeyGen is an innovative AI-powered platform that streamlines the video creation process. It allows users to create engaging videos up to 10...


Play HT

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Audio Text-To-Speech

Play HT is a revolutionary AI-powered platform that excels in converting text into lifelike speech. This tool is a game-changer for content...

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Marketing is an AI note-taking app specifically designed to cater to individuals with ADHD, offering features like easy information capture,...


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Code Creation

Codeium offers best-in-class AI code completion, search, and chat services for free, supporting over 70+ languages and integrating with vari...


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VribbleAI offers a service that transforms voice notes into summarized text using AI technology.


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Copymate is an AI-powered SEO content generator designed to streamline content creation processes, boost SEO, and increase organic traffic b...

Immersity AI

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Generative Video

Immersity AI provides a platform that utilizes AI to convert 2D images and videos into immersive 3D experiences, boasting precision, speed,...

Logo Diffusion

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Logo Diffusion offers a comprehensive AI-driven platform for creating unique and custom logos quickly, offering various methods from text pr...


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Impakt offers an AI-powered fitness coaching platform that tracks and analyzes workouts to help users train smarter and achieve their fitnes... for Magento

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Copywriting is a Magento extension that automatically generates meta titles, descriptions, product descriptions, short descriptions, Open G...

Coral AI

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Search & Understand Documents with AI. Cut your reading time in half — upload a PDF to get answers, summaries, translations, and citations i...

Photo to Anime

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Generative Art

Photo to Anime is used to transform regular photographs into anime-style images. It employs artificial intelligence algorithms to apply vari...

Rewin AI

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Running out of content ideas?Get Viral Youtube and TikTok scripts in secondsTurn Your Favorite Video Content Into Unique, Engaging Scripts a...


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Generative Art

AIQrArt is a revolutionizing platform where art meets code, offering unique, AI-generated QR Art that is user-friendly, trackable, and edita...